Who We Are.

We're a digital magazine launching in 2020.

Why start an online, volunteer-based publication during a recession and a global pandemic? Conversations about our planet and our province are more important than ever. As we transition to a new normal, a new economy and new relationships with natural spaces, Terra Observer Magazine is propelling conversations around Ontario's environment and sustainability into the public sphere.


Our core values are honesty, independence and accuracy. As an independent news source and digital publication, we're committed to delivering both hard-hitting news and down-to-earth stories from writers who have been touched by this province's incredible landscape. We report on climate change, consumer sustainability, activism, ecology and the intersection between humans and nature. We also deliver on a lot of the fun stuff, from ice scuba diving to downtown Toronto's best thrift stores.

Our Team.


Vicky Qiao

Co-Editor-In-Chief | Managing Editor | First Copy Editor | Multimedia Editor

Vicky Qiao is a freelance journalist based in Toronto, Ont. Born and raised in Beijing, Vicky has a keen interest in culture reporting and believes that storytelling can transcend boundaries. She is passionate about climate justice and connecting with nature. Her most memorable editorial experience was being the World section editor of OpenWide Zine, where she worked with an amazing team of student writers and editors to produce original content on diverse topics. She is also an avid traveller, an amateur singer, a daydreamer and a dessert connoisseur.


Jade Prévost-Manuel

Co-Editor-In-Chief | Web Editor | Second Copy Editor | Visual Editor

Jade Prévost-Manuel is a freelance journalist with Caribbean roots based in London, Ont. She's been telling stories for as long as she can remember, but got her start in journalism as the Science and Technology Editor at The McGill Tribune. Since then, she's worked as a medical copy editor, an environmental communications assistant and a travel copy writer. An anthropologist at heart, Jade is happiest when she's learning about other cultures and exploring new places. When she isn't telling stories on land, you can find her exploring life 80 feet below the ocean's surface.



Kayls Amaladas, Erin Andrews, Keena Alwahaidi, William Berdusco, Laurel Bury, Charles David, Elisabeth Edwards, Calla Elia, Amelia Eqbal, Anaa Gulzar, Rachael Hofford, Ronny Litvack-Katzman, Catherine Morrison, Olivia Mossuto, Sari Ohsada, Maria Puscas, Alison Ross, Callista Ryan, Sarah Sequeira, Monika Sidhu, Jade Siewnarine, Sophie Stekel, Caylin Sun


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